Creating Cool Spaces

Shade Sails of Florida Creating Cool Spaces for Commercial and Residential

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Shade Sails of Florida
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Shade Sails are high performance fabrics that can be utilized to create iconic structures which can enhance any outdoor setting and create a cool space for its inhabitants.

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Shade Sails in Commercial Applications

Commercial applications are limitless. Resorts, Golf Clubs, Playgrounds, Common Areas in commercial complexes.... Anywhere you want to create a Cool Space. Shade Sails are Designed and Engineered to be safe, long lasting structures which provide unparalleled sun protection and and an inviting place to congregate. Complete sun protection and an inviting aesthetic make Shade Sails a must have for any outdoor space.

Shade Sails in Residential Applications

Shade Sails provide up to 95% shade protection from UVA and UVB rays. Heat is vented through the permeable membrane to create a cool shady place to enjoy the outdoors. The cooling effects of a Shade Sail canopy reduces heat gain on buildings and lowers energy costs. Shade Sails are a cost effective shade solution that lasts for years and years.

Parks and Playgrounds

Enjoy outdoor spaces longer without the damaging effects of the sun. Shade Sails provide up to 95% protection from the sun's UVA and UVB rays. Enjoy outdoor spaces longer without worrying about over exposure.


Create a cool space or outdoor room with Shade Sails. An array of shapes, sizes and colors compliment any Architectural style. Shade Sails help you to lower energy costs by reducing heat gain on your homes exterior and protect your interior carpets and furniture from fading..

Large OutdoorSpaces

Maximum shade for wherever people congregate. Amphitheaters, Pavillions, Concert Venues, Stadiums, Beach Shelters....The possibilities are endless.